How It Works

How Our Product Works:

Our valve increases the pressure at the water meter, compressing dissolved gases and minimizing the amount the customer is billed for a given amount of water delivered. The valve also reduces overconsumption by trimming the flow into the property so that only the amount of water needed is consumed. The Flosaver™ Air Reduction & Efficiency Valve is based on Boyle’s Law regarding pressure and volume and Le Chatelier’s Principle.

          • Boyle’s Law explains how the pressure and volume of a gas are related. When you compress a gas, its volume decreases, and the pressure increases.
          • Le Chatelier’s Principle explains how changes in conditions like temperature and pressure affect the solubility of gasses in a liquid.

Flosaver technology applies these principles to reduce the volume of gases that flow through the water meter and optimize water consumption for a given application. The result is reduced consumption and water bills, all while having a negligible effect on water pressure at the point of use.